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Red Sea liveaboard, diving safari and kite safari

Red Sea liveaboard, diving safari and kite safari
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Incredible Liveaboard In the Red Sea

The warm water holds large numbers of reef fish massed in swirling schools and an astonishing variety of coral and sponges. Big dolphins and sharks patrol deep wrecks and walls. As European divers have long known, its off-the-chart diving in one of the planet’s richest marine ecosystems. Bordered by seven countries, the Red Sea is a cleft of deep, blue water formed millions of years ago when the Arabian Peninsula split from North Africa. The Indian Ocean then flooded the basin. It is relatively isolated and with little freshwater entering. Thus, the 1,200-mile-long sea is saltier than most other bodies of water and features eccentric and colorful twists on Indo-Pacific marine life.
Due to the high diving quality throughout the entire area, Scuba Diving the Red Sea is a must. There are quality dive stores close by all the major dive areas to assist you with all your needs. They will be able to supply you with all your dive needs: from air fills, to repairs, to gear rentals, to that forgotten piece of diving gear.

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