Brothers Island

The Brothers offer incredible wall diving, covered in soft corals and forests of gorgonian The islands attract a wide variety of species including large tuna, jackfish and snappers, not to mention the hammerheads, oceanic white tips, silky sharks and mantas. Even the rare thresher shark is commonly spotted around these stunning islands.

There are two wrecks on the Big Brother; Aida(30-60m), an Egyptian supply vessel, and the Numidia(10-85m), a cargo ship that lies against the wall of the Big Brother. Both wrecks are covered in soft and hard corals.

Wrecks of Abu Nuhas

The four wrecks of Abu Nuhas – Giannis D, Carnatic, Chrisoula K and Kimon M – are all suitable for recreational diving. At a depth range of 5-30m, their proximity to each other is what makes Abu Nuhas an especially notable wreck diving site. Covered in both soft and hard corals, the wrecks are an underwater dream for the avid photographer. Easy access to the machine rooms and engine room on the Chrisoula K and Giannas D make it a perfect site for the explorer as well. 
Abu Nuhas is not only revered for its wonderful wreck diving though, there is also a good chance of encountering dolphins.

Elphinstone Reef

The Elphinstone reef is located 12km offshore and about 30km from Marsa Alam. Famous for drift dives, these take you along the wonderful deep walls, rich with coral. If you´re lucky you could come across oceanic white tips, hammerheads or reef sharks. With outstanding plateaus on both the north and south sides, you will need a minimum of three dives to fully explore this fantastic dive site.



Located 80km east of Marsa Allam, this isolated offshore reef offers some of the more impressive dives in the Red Sea.  Less than a kilometre wide, the reef is adorned with coral walls and filled with a handsome variety of typical Red Sea species. Always remember to keep an eye in the blue where anything can be passing by; oceanic white tips, thresher sharks, mantas and reef sharks are often spotted there. Daedalus is especially known for scalloped hammerhead sharks, which during the summer months can be seen in large schools.
Also located on Daedalus reef is the Zealot, a loaded cargo ship from the late 1880s. Beginning at 75m and plunging deep down to 110m, this site is exclusive to advanced, technical divers.



The biggest and southernmost island of the  Red Sea, Zabargad is an incredible dive location that offers wall diving and shallow diving, both of which afford you with a spectacular view of the unspoiled hard and soft coral gardens found there.Zabargad island with a reputation of offering something for everyone and some classic Red Sea stunning diving. Due to the size and shape of the island, there’s a variety of different types of dives from drop-offs, to shallow swims and even a wreck which no one is 100% sure how it came to be there.


St. John's

Located on the Tropic of Cancer near the Sudanese border, this collection of reefs boasts a number of excellent dives spots. Part of the Elba National Park, its expansive underwater plateau is varied with drop-offs, breathtaking coral formations and gardens with lots of tunnels and caves to explore. There is a flourishing reef life and shark sightings are very likely. Its high visibility and good temperatures in winter make this a must-see destination